• Investor Networking & Limited Partnership

    As the private equity industry has matured, buy-out funds are increasingly focused on actively creating value in their portfolio businesses through operational and strategic improvement. In this environment, ja-advisory Expert services play a key role in boosting firms’ operational capability. Ja-advisory Expert service is committed to a variety of roles, from chairing multiple portfolio companies to in-house change management. ja-advisory advises local and global funds on the development of these organisational structures, as well as driving operationally sustainable growth for their portfolio companies.

    ja-advisory Expert takes a long term view when it comes to building relationships with new and established CEOs.  The Expert service is to help executives familiarise themselves with the private equity industry, to provide networking opportunities with investors and management teams working in the industry today, and to keep executives up to date with the deal pipeline in their respective industries.

  • Risk Management scenarios need to be assessed over time, in a systematic, repeatable way, to illustrate a “net effect”

  • The solutions offered by ja-advisory EXPERT can be mixed and matched to find the optimum fit for an organization’s needs

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