• Winners and Losers

    Guiding business through uncertain times and troubled waters. Keeping growth and sustainable expansion at shareholder expectations requires strong and dedicated LEADERSHIP and decades of BUSINESS ACCELERATION experience.

    ja-advisory supports C-Level to grow their business sustainably, to gain market shares, raise customer loyalty while maintaining staff retention by developing acceleration strategies and coaching/leading the teams to success by growing sales pipeline, raise is conversion with clear goal commitment and responsibility.

  • Strategy – Objectives - Programs

    Be recognized as the best sales force in the industry

  • Customer segmentation – By profile and opportunity

    EXPAND SoW within total addressable space (example)

    TOTAL ADDRESSABLE MARKET 4000 accounts ¦ 2B$

  • Tools and Growth accomplishments

    Purpose of this guideline:

    The purpose of this guideline is to provide company’s Sales Managers and their teams with:

    Clear guidance on their roles and responsibilities for key operational and sales processes that  govern and impact sales teams, pipeline and our ability to meet our targets.

    An outline of what tools and resources are available to support the key operational and sales processes.

    Topics covered in these guidelines:

    • Performance Management
    • Sales Process
    • Pipeline Management
    • Lead Management
    • Account Planning
    • Deal Management
    • Forecasting
    • Coaching and Developing Sales Team
  • Tools to accomplish Sales Growth

    • Win - & Opportunity Plans
    • Forecast Qualification
    • Performance Management dashboards
    • Account Business Plans
    • Sales & Marketing Plays
    • Customer delight program
    • Staff retention and coaching

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