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Joachim Asbrede

Joachim is a true Business Leader and a Mentor. During my 4 years working ...

... with Joachim, he was an inspiring Leader and business strategist, who took ownership of his global mandate and threw 150% of his effort behind its success.
What impressed me most about Joachim, was that despite his vast experience managing global sales, start-ups and global businesses - he was always willing and open to learning more.
His adaptability and open mind to learning and guiding our team along our customer engagements across Asia, showed me he was willing to bring his vast experience globally and adapt it for the needs of multiple markets at different stages of development.
His work assisting our growth in SE Asia and China was particularly important and inspiring.

As an accomplished Senior Sales Executive, Joachim ...

... taught us a lot about processes that enabled the team to drive consistent revenue and profitability across all business lines. Relentless in his pursuit of sales excellence, he created global sales programs and yielded ownership to each one of us (Sales Leaders) to manage on global scale; the role assumed direct responsibility for a particular sales program’s commercial success and revenue growth.
Joachim insisted on meticulous reporting – he created a ‘deal tracking’ flow where all of the sales leaders were required to report on their committed pipeline with precision (5% forecasting accuracy) – enabling senior management with transparency and visibility much needed for better planning. Joachim is exceptional communicator with a consultative sales style, strong negotiation skills, superb problem solving abilities and a client needs assessment aptitude. When he accompanied the team to a client visit, sales happen effortlessly and partnership was established. He is strong and caring leader: he demanded superb results while providing unconditional support. Joachim knew how to find an individual ‘tune’ for every performer and extract the best from each of us while keeping consistent focus on driving shareholders’ value.

Joachim is a proven leader with a strong ability to motivate those ...

... those that work for and with him. He has the innate gift of being authoritative but also approachable and respectful, which resonates with those that report directly to him as well as those that are further down the reporting chain.
I learned a lot of new management techniques from Joachim, which will certainly influence how I approach my management style for years to come.

Joachim has a wealth of commercial experience spanning decades ...

... which he is able to put to every opportunity or challenge assessment that we come across from territory expansion, large account planning, market competition to senior client engagements.
Joachim has a unique capability to develop long term stable growth strategies whilst also driving the tactical day to day business activities to ensure the success of these strategic plans.
Joachim has a relentless energy with which he motivates and inspires the team always demanding the best results coupled with a unique humour in a time where corporations have lost some of their personality.

An inspirational figure, brimming with ideas, and an asset to any organisation.

I thoroughly appreciated how Joachim balanced his natural charisma with a structured, disciplined approach to deepening the share of wallet and expanding whitespace.

Thinking about Joachim you think about great leadership!

The thought process and articulation/execution of visions he brings to business is refreshing.
His analytical skillset is a cornerstone towards strategic planning combined with global P&L and operational management responsibilities.
Dealing as well with difficult situation by empowering team to go the extra mile is of incredible value, creating additive corporate and shareholder value and resulting in pushing revenue growth.
His phenomenal portfolio of business experiences allows him to inspire and motivate global teams the best way.
Coupling the great professional business acme which a great sense of humor is what makes him a great Leader.
Much thankful to have had the chance working with him for some years.

Joachim is an incredibly dynamic leader who brings intense energy, ...

... enthusiasm and creativity to his work. He knows how to clearly articulate a vision of success for an organization and then motivate the team to perform.
Joachim consistently impressed me with his ability to develop innovative strategies to drive growth and accomplish the team's goals.
His communication skills are very effective and are nicely complemented by his ever-present sense of humor.

Joachim is an exceptional business leader. More than any ...

... other manager I have worked under, Joachim is a true strategist and creates programs, systems and processes that set his team up for long-term success. He has a clear vision of where he wants to go and systematically dismantles any obstacles in his way.
As well as a thinker, Joachim is a great team builder and he shaped a collaborative and tight-knit management group where we were constantly challenged to be creative and take ownership of new initiatives. Although Joachim has a plan at any given time, he is always supportive to alternative suggestions and will judge all ideas on their merits. He creates an environment that encourages innovation and strategic risk-taking.
Under his leadership we were always aligned towards a single goal, but given the freedom to build and execute our individual plans. It’s been great to work under a leader who was so inspirational, energetic and above all, fun.

Joachim is an extremely competent leader. His situational leadership skills are ...

... fully developed, which allows him to quickly assess how he needs to lead each of his reports, and council them on areas where they can improve their interpersonal and business skills. Communications are clear, well thought out and to the point, so the team and individuals can focus on delivering results.
Though he knows what he wants done, he is open to alternative business approaches or views, if they are well thought and presented in a logical manner, which can be a whiteboard discussion to a fully developed business case. He has no issues working 1:1 on the details in order to develop deals, which is rare in senior level managers, but he expects results from this time utilization.
Joachim's has a deep understanding of business acumen for the entire value chain. He quickly ties all the various opportunities and challenges together, directs, or makes recommendations so that the organization can address any business situation.
He utilizes metrics, governance and his experience for business development, which helps the organization and partners understand expectations. He is comfortable in any business situation and discussion. He fully understands and appreciated the cultural differences that need to be addressed when developing business.

Joachim is a truly inspirational leader with the unique ability to ...

... motivate employees to make an extra effort to deliver outstanding results.
He has an excellent sense of business strategy and is capable of leading significant organizational changes to meet strategic goals. Most importantly, Joachim has a natural charisma that makes him well-liked and trusted by his colleagues, clients and sales prospects.
He is well-respected in several different industries and has succeeded to meet a variety of different business challenges during his long career.

Elena Etcharren

Elena has unparalleled depth in the consumer goods space, …

spanning strategy, marketing and innovation, at both global and local level.

Elena is a strong, strategic leader …

with a real passion for driving a business. 

Elena is a fantastically focused transformer of insights …

into new product concepts and global brand designs. Her extensive FMCG knowledge, enables her to cut through ambiguity, to deliver actionable strategies.

Elena's innovative attitude challenges …

the status quo and brings new perspective to any situation.

Elena is a talented marketer with strong …

leadership skills, particularly in the area of innovation. 

Elena can take an idea to commercialization …

in a disciplined and focused manner.

Elena has a tremendous ability to drive success …

even in the face of significant obstacles by harnessing her cross-industry marketing experience and her ability to lead others.

Elena was very easy to work with, …

shares knowledge readily and coaches and teaches when needed.

A combination of a great understanding of the “vital few” and …

what really drives consumers to purchase products allowed Elena to bring a powerful insight into the process of creating a strong innovation pipeline.

With a keen practical, can- do bent, …

Elena is a joy to have on a team when looking to solve a problem or make things happen!

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